Carol Bailey

Executive Assistant
Carol Bailey

Carol’s primary role at Andina as Brett’s executive assistant is to focus on the details so Brett can focus on his clients and his other roles at Andina.  Carol keeps Brett organized, manages his scheduling, and helps him prioritize.

Carol grew up in Omaha NE, home of Warren Buffet, and her parents taught her and her brothers good financial skills from a young age. They helped her invest her money, showing her firsthand how she could put it to work.  She worked as a sales assistant at an apparel company and is excited to be with Andina.

She graduated from Brigham Young University, ran a small business for a few years, and then raised her family. She has four grown children, 2 daughters, 2 sons, and the cutest little granddaughter!

Carol is involved in different service and philanthropy organizations and loves to help others. In her spare time, she loves to play with her granddaughter, hike, ski, travel, attend the theatre, and be with her family.