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Lisa Smith

Client Service Manager

Lisa Smith is Client Service Manager at Andina Advisors. Lisa worked with Core Capital Wealth Management in the same role, where she focused on strategic organization of day-to-day processes to make work effective, efficient, and enjoyable for clients and colleagues alike. Lisa continues to oversee a wide range of client service responsibilities at Andina Advisors including account opening and transfers, ongoing account maintenance, and relationship management.

Lisa has a degree in Interpersonal Communications and spent six years as an adjunct instructor for Northern Arizona University and Mesa Community College. She continues to teach occasional seminars but retired from the full-time classroom in 2005 to build Flutterbugs Preschool, Inc. in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Lisa established the school as an educational experiment after noticing consistent deficiencies in her university students and a general apathy toward learning. She wanted to influence both of the problems by building a better foundation for learning. It was wildly successful & equally rewarding. To this day, she calls Flutterbugs the “happiest surprise of her life”. Lisa sold the school & left her beloved Fort Collins in 2020 to be closer to aging parents.

Lisa has enjoyed volunteering with the Hospice organization and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the past & looks forward to re-engaging in similar ways in Cache Valley.