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Lily Miller

Simone Sobel

Principal at K Fund Capital Management, LLC

Simone oversees investor relations and communications at K Fund Capital Management and participates in strategy development for the firm. Simone works closely with limited partners, partner funds, and other relationships, helping to foster connectivity amongst the stakeholders in the firm’s ecosystem. At Andina, Simone helps identify synergies between Andina and The K Funds, and communicates with and supports Andina clients with their private equity investing in K Fund related entities.

Simone has been marketing for the financial services industry since 2008. She has run a bi-coastal family office club, Context Family Network, and developed and oversaw the investor relations functions at Context Summits, growing that organization's operations and presence on a global level. Simone also spent time on the capital introduction team at Wells Fargo and investor relations at a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund. Prior to joining the financial services sector, Simone was on the account side at Grey Advertising working for Canon Camera and Remington Shavers.

Simone enjoys spending time traveling to sunny destinations with her family, enjoying as much time by the ocean as possible.