Business Advisory made comprehensive with Andina Advisors

Andina assists at every step – entity structuring, business management, and the exit.

The Andina Advantage

Business Advisory

Many Andina clients own a business, or multiple businesses. Business ownership brings unique opportunities and challenges. We assist clients to structure and manage their businesses concentrating on the wealth generated through their business. Business succession is potentially the largest single financial decision a business owner will make; some business succession plans are years in the making. Andina’s early involvement in the process could help maximize after-tax enterprise value and prepare for unexpected events. Contact us to address how we can ease your business challenges.

Business Advisory in 4 Simple Steps


Step 1

Establish your business plan, including purpose, ownership, growth plan, etc.

Step 2

Determine the appropriate business entity to achieve your objectives.

Step 3

Establish appropriate policies and procedures.

Step 4

Establish a plan and prepare for your exit from the business.

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